JLL DC workplace story

Our story is a lot like yours

And like you, we value our people, our clients and our local Washington, DC community. We want our space to feel like a home for our business and our careers as opposed to a place where we just get things done.

What do your teams need to thrive?

A common thread among teams in Washington, DC? The desire to collaborate and contribute to something beyond their individual responsibilities. How do you leverage your space to inspire and support collaboration among clients, employees and the community?

Our take: the workplace has changed

Over the past decade, the nature of work has evolved dramatically and with it, the office environment. Our new Mid-Atlantic headquarters in Washington, DC needed to reflect those changes and support our business ambitions. The most important part of any workplace journey is getting to know yourself. We dug into the way we meet, the way we use technology, even the way we make our coffee.

Workplace: showplace
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Attract and retain top talent
A highly productive environment
A welcoming community for our clients and employees


Demonstrate our expertise and culture
Access to relevant members of our team
A balance between privacy and collaboration


Technology to tell our story
The ability to visually express our brand
Communal spaces for brainstorming

Data analytics / Research

Opportunities to showcase our knowledge
Interactive technologies to visualize our insights
Quiet space to focus and concentrate


Effective communication systems that make employees' day easier
Technology that makes employee day-to-day easier
An easy-to-maintain environment

Visiting employees

Drop-in space that enables productivity
Seamless technology and ample meeting space
A place that makes us feel connected


You've heard it before — we spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else. Where those hours are spent matters. A neighborhood can define your workplace experience, what employees you attract and how far your business' real estate dollars will go. Our experts know every Washington, DC submarket like the back of their hand, pointing you toward more than a space but a place.

Workplace flow
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Site selection and engaging the workforce
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Sound strategy
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A firm's culture is given life by the people who experience it every day, and your work environment should reflect that culture. An office culture embodies your core values, beliefs and ambitions.
For us at JLL DC, our culture extends beyond the walls of our office into our community, and our new office is a showcase for that connection.

Infusing a global brand with your local story
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Local art: bringing authenticity and community connection
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Food in the workplace
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Time and money

Finding the perfect location is just the beginning. The design of your office parallels your business's values and ambitions. Our Project and Development Services team provides the knowledge and insight needed to create exceptional workplace experiences.

Leveraging second generation space for your new workplace
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Our five-step approach to project management
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