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Workplace, Well-being and Diversity

Employee issues are crucial to the success of JLL. We strive to be the employer of choice in our industry. We maintain a work environment that attracts, welcomes and retains highly talented individuals. We encourage and enable them to succeed, treating our people fairly and rewarding their contributions. Due to the decentralized nature of JLL, employee issues are largely managed on a local basis.

We have strong policies against forced or compulsory labor, and JLL has always maintained a healthy relationship with union employees, supported the right to exercise freedom of association, and observed and complied with the provisions expressed in collective bargaining agreements.

Promoting equality and diversity

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is more than a goal at JLL – it’s a value, a business strategy and fundamental to how we do business. We believe that building a diverse workforce and an inclusive culture leads to a world of breakthrough ideas for our clients and opportunities for all our employees to grow their careers.

Our D&I initiatives support our people by attracting, developing and retaining top talent with broad backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, and by helping unleash all of our employees’ full potential. They also support our clients by having the best talent delivering results and through our strong partnerships with women- and minority-owned businesses. Given that we serve clients in more than 80 countries, we intentionally leave diversity initiatives decentralized so that they can align with different cultural norms and incorporate the different aspects of our diverse workforce.

Employee Resource Groups (Global) - Our Employee Resource Groups help us bridge the gap between how we attract and retain talent by better connecting us with our employees. Examples include:

  • Women’s Network

  • African American Business Network

  • Building Pride - LGBT Ally Network

  • Latino Employee Resource Network

  • VetNet Business Network

Supplier Diversity Program (US) - At JLL, we recognize the importance of diversity and we are committed to supporting the growth and development of business opportunities for minority, women, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTs) and disabled veteran-owned business enterprises. To support this, our formal Supplier Diversity Platform focuses on monitoring, achieving and/or exceeding our clients’ diversity objectives. Supplier Diversity success is largely based on our Supplier Diversity Scorecard. Each year we establish both a Supplier Diversity target for the overall organization as well as individual targets for each of the business areas. At the end of a quarter we distribute a report that measures where each business area is in relation to their target and where the overall organization is in relation to our corporate goal.

Manager training (US) - To ensure our leaders have the new skills and capabilities that will be needed to lead a dynamic workforce, we offer managers at all levels Manager Effectiveness training and D&I workshops.

We constantly benchmark our D&I efforts against best practices; and it is our competitive nature that allows us never to be satisfied with the status quo. Our hard work around diversity and inclusion is being recognized and validated by external entities, as seen in our winning the 2015 50 Out From for Diversity Leadership Award, and the 2014 Top Diverse Employer & Top Diverse Supplier Program Award. This acts as a mechanism for our evaluation of our effectiveness in this area, along with our constant review and research of how we can improve.

Recruiting and retaining the best people

JLL’s aim is to establish an effective workforce, whereby we instill a desire for excellence, a willingness to take on individual responsibility, ability to be flexibility, and recognition of the importance of teamwork.

Recruitment – We recruit the highest calibre of individuals by offering them a competitive, challenging and rewarding working environment. Retaining experienced, talented professionals over the long term is our priority as this is less expensive than having to replace them frequently.

Remuneration and benefits - We offer our employees a range of incentives and rewards customized to local market conditions. These include award winning pensions, bonus schemes and access to our Sharesave Scheme, which provides employees with an opportunity to acquire discounted JLL shares.

Employee engagement – Our global Employee Engagement Survey helps us understand issues around satisfaction and how our employees view the future of the business. We use the results of the surveys to inform future decision making and help us maintain our high standard of satisfied employees.

Working for a responsible employer – We believe the best people want to work for socially responsible organizations they trust and respect. This is a key driver behind our sustainability strategy.

Performance management - Employees review their progress and revise performance objectives every half-year.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) - We support the CPD needs of staff through a range of approaches including: in-house seminars on technical and topical issues within the real estate, financial and related industries; enabling staff to attend events run by other organizations; training programs for personal and technical development; and supporting membership of professional organizations.

Sustainability University – We provide an online training platform for those around the firm who want a basic or sophisticated understanding of sustainability. Formed in 2008 as part of our Global Sustainability Commitment, the University continues to grow in strength, now providing approximately 5,000 total training hours to employees each year.

Sustainability Sessions – We host monthly sessions devoted to energy and sustainability issues in our business which feature subject matter experts from around the world.

JLL monitors the outcomes of these initiatives on an annual basis as a part of our sustainability reporting process.

Promoting health and safety

We believe that the best health and safety solution is also the best business solution. To enhance the level of well-being of our staff globally, a significant proportion of whom work at client sites, the firm’s Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) division uses a framework for its health and safety management system that is based on the internationally recognized OHSAS 18001 Standard and its Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology. The policy has also been adopted by our Property and Asset Management group in Asia Pacific and can be found on our sustainability website. In order to ensure that our health and safety initiatives remain effective and up to date, JLL is regularly reviewing the initiatives undertaken in different regions and ensuring that our management system aligns with the most up-to-date version of OHSAS18001.

Ergonomics – Due to the office-based nature of JLL, workplace ergonomics are arguably our most significant health and safety issue in terms of global risk of incidence. As a result we conduct desk side ergonomic assessments and purchase ergonomic chairs to ensure our employees are preventing workplace-related injury. Graphic resources are also placed around offices to remind staff to adjust their work stations accordingly.

Internal health and safety initiatives – Our internal health and safety policies are driven regionally – and most of the time on a country-by-country basis. We annually benchmark the number of campaigns that promote safe working and healthy lifestyles taking place around the world to ensure that our offices are engaging with issues in this area.  

Health Champions Network – Our goal is to have the healthiest employees by establishing a culture of health and well-being. Our health champions connect their coworkers in each office by sharing their passion for health. They support and integrate firm-wide health promotion initiatives as well as organize their own activities for their peers.