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Sustainability report

2014SRcoverWe are pleased to announce our latest Global Sustainability Report.

Please click here to see a summary of our 2015 Global Sustainability Report, Building a Better Tomorrow. The full report with detailed supporting  and compliance information, can be found here.

The report details our efforts during the 2015 calendar year including some of our successes and our areas for improvement. It demonstrates how we deliver value to our stakeholders by embedding sustainability into our services and operations across the four pillars of our sustainability leadership agenda, Building a Better Tomorrow.

According to Christian Ulbrich, Chief Executive Officer​:

Sustainability presents one of the biggest opportunities for us to create and to deliver value to clients. As well as helping to drive operational efficiencies, attract top talent and boost productivity, an increasing body of evidence shows that investors are looking at the overall citizenship of businesses to inform their investment decisions. In this report you will gain deeper insight into JLL’s commitment to sustainability and the tangible ways we are producing practical results.

Download the report