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Client Service Excellence

A relentless focus on the highest ethical standards, technology and thought leadership are fundamental to ensuring we can provide exceptional services in the long term. Ethical practices are inherent in our values, mission and strategy, and must guide all of our interactions with clients, customers, vendors and employees. Our culture of connectivity and integrity enables us to deliver consistently high levels of service to all of clients wherever they are.    

Delivering excellence to our clients

Uncompromising quality – We are committed to providing consistently high quality services, which in turn create strong client relationships. Our culture of strong communication and connectivity – unparalleled in our industry – enables us to deliver the same consistently high levels of client service and operational excellence wherever our clients’ real estate needs exist.

Innovation – Our investments in research, technology and people, enables us to develop, share and continually evaluate best practices across our global organization. This provides a global platform to ensure our clients stay one step ahead of emerging markets trends and the changing regulatory landscape.

'Ethics Everywhere' – In a service business such as ours, the integrity that our brand represents is one of our most valuable assets. Our Code of Business Ethics outlines our commitment to uncompromising integrity and the highest ethical conduct. Our Ethics Everywhere program is designed to promote the highest ethical standards by which all JLL employees must conduct themselves in every business situation (see ‘Our Ethical Commitment’ below).

Sustainability thought leadership

Research – Investing in and championing thought leadership is a key dimension of our goal to be an industry leader in energy management and sustainable real estate. We invest in comprehensive research to support and guide the development of real estate and investment strategy for our clients. We have approximately 300 research professionals who gather data and cover market and economic conditions around the world, including sustainability.

Industry initiatives – We have close relationships with many leading industry bodies, including numerous green building councils worldwide, and actively contribute to influencing public policy. Globally, we are involved in the UN Global Compact, UN Principles for Responsible Investment, CDP, Greenprint, CoreNet Global, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, Global Reporting Initiative, and more. We contribute to several initiatives that support energy and climate change policy, including PACENow and Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy in the United States.

Our ethical commitment

The Code of Business Ethics is supported by business processes and procedures that are designed to minimize the risk of unethical actions, such as breaches of privacy, bribery and corruption. Examples of such processes include:

•    Risk assessment of each business line
•    Gifts and entertainment procedures
•    Annual employee certification of Code of Ethics compliance
•    Confidential hotline for raising questions or concerns
•    Independent monitoring, and many more.

These processes and procedures are consistent with the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, the UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. To support our employees in this area, staff are able to access an Anti-Bribery Manual, and managers are provided with a toolkit for training materials on how to identify and prevent bribery.

JLL also hosts ethics training sessions for new employees. Our intranet site includes ethics topics as part of the firm’s overall training programs and some corporate accounts and business lines have designated Ethics Liaisons. Roles identified as being of “higher risk” (e.g. European Finance Center teams, or positions involving government-contracting) also receive dedicated training in this field.

Other ethical issues such as client data protection and privacy are addressed through resources such as the Global Privacy Policy and the Code of Ethics. The Code states that we will protect sensitive, private or confidential client information just as carefully as we protect our own, including not discussing or disclosing client information inside or outside of JLL unless authorized to do so.

These initiatives are managed by dedicated ethics, legal and human resources teams. Each year the global Ethics team investigates reported integrity concerns and analyses the rates of incidence, which allows us to address the effectiveness of our approach year on year (see the Ethics Everywhere Annual Report). JLL’s approach to ethics is also subject to independent assessment by the Ethisphere Institute, a think-tank dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability. The firm’s ethics program has been audited by the Ethisphere Institute since 1998 and each year has received their "Ethics Inside Certification." JLL has also been named by the Institute as "One of the World's Most Ethical Companies" each year since 1998.

Sustainability organizations and initiatives

JLL engages actively with many sustainability organizations and initiatives both globally and locally, such as:

  • Better Buildings Partnership

  • Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy

  • Caring for Climate

  • CDP

  • Ceres

  • Clinton Global Initiative’s PACENOW Coalition

  • CoreNet Global

  • EcoVadis

  • Electronic Industry Citizenship Council

  • Ethisphere Institute

  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark

  • Global Reporting Initiative

  • Greenprint / Urban Land Institute

  • International Integrated Reporting Council

  • NAZCA - Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action

  • New York Stock Exchange Governance Council

  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

  • United Nations Global Compact

  • United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment

  • US Environmental Protector Agency ENERGY STAR

  • World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative

  • World Green Building Council

    • Australia Green Building Council

    • Dutch Green Building Council

    • India Green Building Council

    • Irish Green Building Council

    • Polish Green Building Council

    • Russian Green Building Council

    • UK Green Building Council

    • US Green Building Council