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Destination Retail 2016


Destinatio​n Retail

Unlocking a path for sustainable growth

Global retailers and their presence across the wo​rld's leading retail cities​​​​​​​​​​​

In today's increasingly global retail market, international expansion is becoming a focus for our retail clients, as they seek sustainable growth. Our new report, Destination Retail 2016, examines the presence of 240 international retail brands across 140 retail cities, giving insights for international retail expansion.

Retail City Profiles - Focus on Manchester:

Manchester is regarded as the arts, media and commercial capital of the north of England. It is the UK's third largest metropolitan area in terms of population and attracts visitors with its lively music and internationally renowned sporting scene. Retail in the city benefits from access to a large consumer market, new transport networks and attracts high levels of spend, particularly from the large educated workforce in the wider region and the city's sizeable student population. The city centre is within two hours' drive time of approximately 60% of the UK population and has one of the strongest five year retail sales growth forecasts in the UK.

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Growth and expansion, but not as we knew it...

International expansion by retail brands is accelerating. For many retailers, there are still many uncharted and under-penetrated markets. But how do you choose one market over another?

In our new report, Destination Retail 2016, we examine the presence of 240 international retail brands across 140 key retail cities. These cities combined account for 36% of the world's GDP and over US$15 trillion of consumer spend.

Inside, you will find information about the drivers of expansion, the opportunities and barriers for retailers to expand in the biggest retail markets of the world. Our report will be a timely input as you plan for 2016 and beyond.

Top 5 Retail Destinations

  • London

  • Hong Kong

  • Paris

  • Dubai

  • New York

1. London

Highest presence
of international

Highest presence of
luxury retailers

2. Hong Kong

Top ranked
city in
Asia Pacific

Mainland China
contributes to 1/3
of total sales

3. Paris

Highest rent
for mainstream

3rd in overall ranking
and luxury ranking

4. Dubai

Top ranked city
in Middle East
and Africa

Middle East cities
have seen the biggest
influx of retailers

5. New York

Over US$70bn
in sales p.a. -
exceeding total for
many countries

US retailers are the
largest exporters of
fascia globally

Rest of the Top 10
  • Shanghai

  • Singapore

  • Beijing

  • Kuwait City

  • Tokyo

Retail City Profiles


Technology Outlook (infographic)

Prague is the economic, political and cultural heart of the Czech Republic.

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Technology Outlook (infographic)

Paris is one of the world's leading tourist destinations and along with London, Hong Kong and New York is one of the strongest retail locations globally.

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Technology Outlook (infographic)

As Sweden's capital, Stockholm is home to over 20% of the national population and is the second most visited city in the Nordic region by international tourists.

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