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Global Trends in Life Sciences

Four global trends impacting the life sciences industry and its real estate needs, according to the 2014 Global Life Sciences Cluster Report

The 2014 Life Sciences Global Cluster research report explores the changing global landscape of the Life Sciences industry, trends in real estate that are helping to support these changes, and what global regions are leading the way.

With the right-sizing of Big Pharma and rise of small- to mid-size companies, getting a new drug or treatment to market depends on a complex system of R&D, innovation and supporting businesses.

Preview these trends through a series of images in the presentation below.

Take a deeper dive into this research through this four part trends white paper series. Download your complete copy of this trends series:

Global shifts in innovation: emerging markets set up

Activity and demand are coming from new and unexpected places.

Take a look at the geographic shifts in innovation and where the industry is headed in the near future by downloading your free copy.

Transferring technology from bench to marketplace

The shrinking of Big Pharma and the rise of small to mid-size companies are looking to technology to bring new drugs and treatments to the market.

Learn how to create long-term systems that drive innovation in your facilities by downloading your free copy.

Efficiency, compliance and facility trends

With real estate and facility costs among some of the highest expenses for life sciences companies, it's time for a different approach to planning, staffing, and location needs in your facilities.

Check out the latest five trends in facility compliance and maintenance by downloading your free copy.