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2014 Global Life Sciences Cluster Report

Global competitive shifts bring new players and regions to the forefront of the Life Sciences industry

Notable shifts and surges in industry activity have been the recent norm for Life Sciences. Big players have made moves to become more nimble. While small to medium sized companies have made steady headway into the marketplace. Globally, the U.S. still leads the world in R&D funding, but developing markets are increasing their R&D spend and are emerging as new innovation leaders.

From a real estate perspective, the need to streamline costs, combat the threat of non-compliance issues, and fill talent shortages is leading to increased outsourcing in facilities management. Additionally, the trends seen on a global level are stimulating significant changes to space needs: mid-tier companies and specialty players are spurring a majority of new demand while the larger life sciences players are looking for strategic portfolio planning as their businesses transform.

This year’s Global Life Sciences Cluster Report further explores these trends and outlines key regions to watch.

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