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Hotel investors, where next?


Uncovering a world of value

Did you know, the hotel market in Shanghai is worth more than Rome, Madrid and Barcelona combined? Or that there are more hotel rooms in the pipeline in New York than any other city in the world?

It’s little insights like these that make a big difference to an investment strategy. In a first for the hotel industry, JLL’s Hotels & Hospitality research team has attributed a ‘value’ to hotel assets across key global cities by assessing the property positioning, hotel class and location of over 40,000 hotel assets. Perhaps you need to know which market offers the best returns today, or which cities have the most economy rooms? Or maybe you need to know where you should look to invest in five years’ time. Our specialists combine this data with unrivalled market knowledge to offer you exclusive insights.

To find out which city you should invest in next, talk to JLL.

Get a snapshot from Jessica Jahns, Head of Hotels & Hospitality Research, EMEA

View the highlights in our infographic

View the highlights in our infographic

The global hotel real estate market is worth US$1.2 trillion* The top 30 cities claim circa 66% of global value

Top 10 Global Hotel Markets

Find out the hotel asset value* of each market


Did you know?

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    Los Angeles and Beijing display similar market value ($35.1bn & $34.8bn respectively)

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    Shanghai alone is worth more than Rome, Madrid and Barcelona combined

  • photo3

    Hotel rooms in Hong Kong are the most expensive globally* ($820k per room) in terms of asset value

  • photo4

    Hotel assets in Singapore are worth more than those in Paris

  • photo5

    A hotel room in Sydney, on average, costs less than half of a room in Hong Kong

  • photo6

    The Dubai hotel market is worth more than that of Chicago

  • photo7

    The value of a luxury hotel room in London is, on average, eight times higher than an economy room

  • photo8

    A hotel room in London, on average, costs double of a room in Los Angeles.

  • photo9

    Hong Kong has c. 145k less hotel rooms than Shanghai, yet the value per room is around four times higher.

  • photo10

    Beijing has almost double the number of rooms to New York, yet the overall market value is half.

Not your usual hotel valuation

Our clients constantly strive to stay ahead of the curve. They often ask, “Where should I invest next?” or “Which city should we focus on?”

*In an effort to better understand how hotel markets stack up against each other, JLL conducted a one-of-a-kind exercise to quantify the value of hotel assets across the world. More than 50 JLL hotel specialists looked at the 130+ largest hotel markets and studied property positioning, hotel class and location of assets to determine an estimated value. We cross-referenced these values against our global hotel transactions database to ensure the numbers aligned with actual market transactions. The result is a comprehensive estimation of the worth of hotel real estate around the world.

When our clients ask where they should invest, we can guide them with the backing of market leading research. Speak to one of our specialists to help shape your investment strategy.


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