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Workplace Strategy

Contribute to your company’s overall success by improving the productivity of your workspaces and your people


We develop workplace strategies that support the changing nature of work, helping your business adapt to rapidly evolving market conditions and commercial priorities. Economic uncertainty, cost pressures, growth agendas, talent shortages and increasing competition are just some of the reasons you need inherent occupancy flexibility. A workplace strategy that accommodates tighter budgets, a shifting workforce and other occupancy challenges will better enable you to meet short- and long-term business objectives.

Our global team of workplace specialists works with you to develop, implement and manage a strategy that transforms work, optimizes place and enhances employee experience. We create a practical implementation roadmap, with proactive change management and communication plans, to deliver enduring workplace change.

Trends and tips in workplace strategy

Health, wellbeing and productivity in offices

Building design features can affect the health, satisfaction and productivity of office workers with even modest improvements to the office environment leading to cost savings and increased revenue.

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Forget the workplace ... For Now

To truly get the most from your workplace productivity strategy, you need to first determine what processes create the most value for your organization and clients, then design around supporting them.

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Are you ready to lead workplace change?

You better be, because change has become the new normal in today's ever-shifting workplace. By building change management strategies into the equation, you can manage successful workplace change.

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How to successfully expand into new markets

Global expansion is important to many companies’ growth. Effective workplace strategies can help companies realize that growth. Discover key steps to rolling out workplace strategies globally.

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