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Workplace productivity

Making it real: Putting the new model for real estate value to work

​With the right data in hand, commercial real estate (CRE) can have a profound impact on the bottom line. It can influence business decisions, remove obstacles to productivity, and drive a substantial value proposition over time.

In the final report of our three-part series on workplace strategy, we take a look at some of the specifics of how CRE can drive value, including:

  • Using data to accurately assess how space is being used.
  • Tracking employee presence and engagement to better align your real estate portfolio.
  • Identifying waste such as underutilized conference rooms, inefficient communication across departments, insufficient space for client interaction, and underuse of technology.
  • Taking advantage of new space-sharing programs that match organizations that have extra space with those needing more.

Read more for an in-depth look at how your CRE function can drive value in your organization.

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