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Workplace productivity

Time, productivity and value: Do you have the right working equation? (Hint: The CRE can create it)

​A recent JLL global poll found that time spent in the office is often mispent on activities that don't create value for the company. Building on that insight, our latest paper examines the role commercial real estate can play in ensuring workplaces fosters alignment between time worked and value delivered.

Over the past several years, a more focused and holistic approach to managing the corporate real estate portfolio has begun to emerge. It’s an approach that is grounded in process, committed to continuous improvement and wedded to the organization’s business strategy. It relies on a foundation of metrics-based, accurate utilization information and offers organizations untapped potential for delivering competitive advantage. More important, it positions the commercial real estate portfolio as a flexible tool. Previously, the real estate discussion began and ended with managing cost. Now we suggest that the business consider real estate's role in improving worker productivity.

Take an in-depth look at the actions you can take to make sure your real estate portfolio is a flexible tool supporting business goals and efficiency.​


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