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​​​​​Stay up-to-date with current news, big data trends and analytical strategies impacting corporate real estate.

Featured articles

  • Beyond cost: Bringing sophistication to real estate valuation

    Thinking of a real estate portfolio not merely as a set of expenses, but as an asset that adds value is the only way to truly understand property’s role in the business — and to make good decisions about real estate. Read more at the Realviews site.

  • How can East Asia make the most of Big Data?

    In an era of the Internet of Things, companies that have the right IT architecture and infrastructure, and the right talent, capable of both handling fast-moving technologies and finding meaning in big data, will be able to leapfrog their competitors. Read more at Agenda.

  • Why location intelligence is a 'game changer' for the property industry

    Maximizing productivity and profitability in business boils down to three things: location, location, location, and companies now have better access to deep spatial insights thanks to the Big Data boom. Read more at the Realviews site.

  • The Next Frontier for Data Analytics: Your property portfolio

    It is not news that the hunt for enhanced productivity is in full swing. There is a slowing Chinese economy to outrun and mixed prospects across the Asia Pacific that are hard to capture. This means executives running MNCs have to work just that much smarter to squeeze the most from every resource. Read more at the IMAAsia site.

  • GREAT Expectations, Growth Opportunities

    JLL's third biennial report on global corporate real estate trends reveals that corporate real estate (CRE) teams are undergoing significant structural change, and there is immediate need to elevate the CRE function. Read more at the 'The Leader'.

  • ​​

    4 Ways to Use Corporate Real Estate Data for Competitive Advantage our corporate real estate d​ata has something to say

    Corporate real estate data and analytics can enable companies to achieve competitive advantage by understanding and responding to changes that impact business operations. Read more at Chief Executive.​


    Your corporate real estate data has something to say. Are you listening?

    How much money does your company spend on real estate? A simple question, yet many companies, finding the answer could take days, weeks or more because the data is not centralized or they don’t have the data analytics tools in place to tell them. Read more on Wired Innovation Insights.


    From Data to Dollars: Use analytics to run your building better and save money at the same time

    The machines are coming – indeed, they are already here – and they are talking to each other. But rather than being the villains in a science fiction movie, these machines are here to help. They connect our homes, cars and workplaces to the Internet in the quest to make life better. Read more at


    Does your big data include corporate real estate yet?

    Data-driven decision-making requires quick answers to broad questions, like “What percentage of our employees work remotely on any given day?” Or, ‘If we need to cut costs, which facilities can we exit within a year?” Or “How much money are we spending on each of our employees’ office space?” Read more from Analytics Week.


    The New Data Masters: Moving corporate real estate byte by byte 

    C-suite executives are unleashing the power of real estate data to drive business. Are you a master of your company’s data — including its corporate real estate (CRE) analytics? Sophisticated analytics can now tie CRE data more directly to business decision making than ever before. As a result, more C-suite executives are demanding inputs from systems like smart buildings and workplace data.Read more from Trade & Industry Development.


    Data “Cops” Decode Efficiency and Opportunity in Corporate Real Estate

    Good informants help beat cops find crime—sometimes before it happens. On the corporate real estate beat, data analytics tools act like cops sniffing out inefficiencies before they can impact the business. But they have another, more profitable role: uncovering business productivity opportunities. Read more from the National Real Estate Investor.


    Big Data: what does it mean for corporate real estate users?

    Long before brokers, investors, and other commercial real estate professionals embraced smartphones and tablets, commercial real estate was a data-driven business, even if many of us didn’t realize it. Successful professionals in our industry have always been masterful networkers and information-gatherers, with encyclopedic knowledge of market conditions. Read more from the CCIM Institute.