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A scientific business lens which reveals your real estate data from every dimension, thus enabling you to develop strategy and make decisions that are more informed!

RED revolutionizes your approach to uncovering critical truths and new opportunities amidst a sea of data. This JLL scientific approach assimilates your real estate data and then integrates it with your business and market data, through a single open platform that plugs directly in to your existing apps.

With RED, you will be able to :

  • Get all your real estate data management tools working seamlessly with tools that measure productivity
  • Illuminate “dark data” and uncover new insights with direct impact on your business
  • Benchmark against industry peers and the global best-in-class
  • Develop predictive models based on your data and market insight from JLL
  • Harness the power of the JLL network worldwide

RED in motion

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Iain Mackenzie
Solutions Development
Asia Pacific
+65 6494 3834

Jeff Schuth
Solutions Development Europe,
Middle East and Africa
+44 (0)207 852 4679

Giles Wrench
Managing Director of the International Desk,
+1 212 418 2656

Learn how RED can help you increase productivity and profitability for your business.


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