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Compliance and standards

​The key to compliance

Navigating the world of compliance is challenging and complex. How can corporate real estate teams ensure that their facilities management partners are up to the task?

The convergence of technology, evolving workplace needs and integrated facilities management (FM) outsourcing capabilities has ushered in a new era in corporate real estate (CRE) outsourcing: Outsourcing 4.0.

As part of this emerging partnership model, FM service providers have been transformed into strategic enterprise partners. CRE teams increasingly rely on their FM partners to provide expertise and solutions to achieve compliance objectives across regulatory, operational, contractual and ethical dimensions. The stakes are exceptionally high for FM partners, as non-compliance can be catastrophic for an organization’s people, processes and profitability.

As the complexity of compliance grows, how can FM service providers build compliance expertise and effectively partner with their clients to achieve compliance objectives? Download The Complexity of Compliance for an in-depth discussion of the four key areas of compliance, the role that standards can play in helping organizations to achieve compliance and the fundamental elements of an effective compliance program.

Demystifying the compliance conundrum: the compliance framework

It's useful to consider the following framework when evaluating your organization’s compliance program across four key dimensions. Roll over the graphic below to learn more about each dimension:

Master service agreements Labor contracts Third-party contracts Pricing agreements C o n t r a c t u a l International National Industry-specific Regional Local S t a t u t o r y a n d R e g u l a t o r y Procurement Vendor management Financial reporting Accounting Information security Data governance Safety General operations Human Resources O p e r a t i o n s a n d F i n a n c e Employees Clients Marketplace Shareholders Communities Ethics Ethics

Adopting standards: means to achieve compliance goals

Implementing standards can help your organization achieve its compliance objectives by providing a supportive governance framework, standardizing operations, and creating a straightforward approach to performance measurement and verification. To learn more about the role that standards can play in achieving compliance, please refer to the resources below.  

International Compliance Standards Guide

How can my organization adopt standards to support our compliance program and achieve business objectives?

Understanding the different types of standards is a complex undertaking, especially from a global perspective. For a primer on the different types of standards, their applications and use cases, please consult our International Standards Summary Table.

The proliferation of standards: interactive guide

APPA FPI BOMA EER IFMA BEX BIFM EuroFM CoreNet RICS MSCI Indexes HCI R.S. Means Whitestone FM Benchmarking Aix Benchmarking Standards EO 13514 EO 13693 IECC IgCC EISA (2007) EO 13423 ISO 14001 ISO 50001 ASHRAE 90.1 ASHRAE 189.1 LEED Green Globes BREEAM CASABEE EnergyStar EMAS GRI Sustainability and Energy Management Standards OSCRE OmniClass Uniclass 2 CSI MasterFormat CSI Uniformat ASTM Uniformat II NBIMS COBie NCAD v5 ISO 12911 ISO 16739 BOMA CoA Data Standards Sarbanes-Oxley Act FASB FASAB FAR GAAP GASB Financial Standards IPMS ANSI/BOMA Z65.1 RICS FICM Property Measurement Standards ANSI/ASHRAE ANSI/ASHRAE 62.1 ASME A.17 ASTM NFPA NFPA 1 NFPA 10 NFPA 14 NFPA 20 NFPA 25 NFPA 70 NFPA 72 NFPA 80 NFPA 85 NFPA 99 NFPA 101 NFPA 110 ANSI/ASHRAE 180 IWCA I-14 NFPA 70B NFPA 70E NFPA 96 NFPA 1600 NIST JCI RICS Technical Standards ICC Suite Building Regulations EuroCodes BCA NBC National Codes and Standards OSHA ADA EPA EO 13327 FBPTA Strata Laws Local Laws Regulations (Laws, Acts, Mandates, Executive Orders) EN 15221-1 EN 15221-3 EN 15221-4 EN 15221-5 EN 15221-6 EN 15221-7 EN 15221-2 European Standards (CEN) ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18480-1 ISO 20121 ISO 22301 ISO 27001 ISO 41001 ISO/CD 45001 ISO 55001 ISO 50001 ISO 18480-2 International Standards (ISO) Key to compliance dimensions (outer circle) Operational Operational and Ethical Contractual Regulatory Regulatory and Operational

Voices of compliance

Hear from executives across diverse disciplines—including procurement, data governance, legal and operations—about the importance of compliance and standards in corporate real estate.

Creating a culture of compliance
With David Flynn, JLL’s Senior Director of Compliance and Operations for IFM | Listen

Minimizing compliance risk with global suppliers
With Shahid Javed, JLL’s Global Chief Procurement Officer | Listen

Governance across a global portfolio
Jane Niven, Global Client Governance Counsel at JLL | Listen

Adopting data standards as part of a compliance strategy
With Lisa Stanley, CEO of OSCRE | Listen

The proliferation of standards
With Jim Whittaker, President and CEO of Facility Engineering Associates | Listen

Addressing compliance challenges in Asia Pacific
With Cameron Scott, JLL's Chief Operating Officer for IFM in Asia Pacific | Listen

Data governance processes drive compliance
With HoChun Ho, JLL’s Global Head of Data Governance and Management | Listen

Navigating the compliance journey with FM partners
With Maureen Ehrenberg, International Director for IFM at JLL | Listen


The Complexity of Compliance: overview deck

fm compliance

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The Complexity of Compliance: executive summary

fm compliance

Download executive summary

International Standards Summary Table

fm compliance standards guide

Download guide

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