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Next Generation Maintenance

​​You need a maintena​nce program that’s in sync with your business.

JLL’s Next Generation Maintenance (NGM) is our newest solution to help you maintain your space. NGM brings together three important elements you need for optimized building maintenance:

1.    Industry-leading processes for reliability-centered maintenance
2.    Best-in-class technology (including our power house Corrigo)
3.    Top engineering talent to make sure it all runs smoothly (and smartly)

Here’s a real-life example of how NGM is different from traditional maintenance models.

With NGM, you’re able to:
•    Achieve the right level of asset reliability
•    Minimize risk
•    Optimize your spend
•    Benchmark performance
•    Maintain compliance
•    Improve productivity
•    Align with business objectives

All while delivering a safe, comfortable and sustainable environment.