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Real estate is more than a cost to be managed—it's a valuable asset that can drive productivity.

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JLL's Office Renew

The workplace has changed radically in recent years. Four generations of employees are now working together, each with different styles. When you factor in rapidly evolving competition, and technological and social change, it’s clear how vital it is for businesses to future-proof their workplaces if they want to thrive for years to come.

Whitepaper: What are the "great traits" of a corporate real estate organization?

Whether your ambition is to achieve Best-in-Class or Best-of-Breed greatness, you need to understand what constitutes all of the best practices for a CRE organization, evaluate where you are, target the most important areas for improvement in relation to the results you want to achieve.

Article: Caring for all 5 senses in the workplace

Greening an organization can produce numerous savings, from leaner utility bills to less money feeding the photocopier. But a technically efficient building can still be wildly unproductive if it neglects employee comfort.

Article: 5 questions to ask while planning your workplace

It’s no secret that companies are increasingly turning to the workplace to improve employee and business productivity – with many firms investing heavily in workplace strategies that are designed to better support the work that their people do.