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Improve workplace productivity by aligning real estate strategy with business goals.

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Change Management | Location Footprint Strategy | Occupancy Planning | Organization Design | Portfolio Strategy | Process Improvement | Workplace Strategy

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Whitepaper: Driving an effective CRE strategy

In this whitepaper, you'll learn how to build an effective workplace, why metrics and measurement can drive an effective CRE strategy and what you need to do to align your real estate strategy with your business strategy.

Article: Exploring workplace culture, style, and trends to define a personal workspace

In the not too distant future, it might not be commonplace to go into the office every day. People may choose to work from home, or at the airport or a coworking center so that they can concentrate in an environment best supports their work.

Success story: Helping an information services and analytics company realign

This 22-location company came to JLL for help in transitioning to a workplace design and culture that supported the company’s ambition to be the single-most trusted sources of client insights and analytics. This meant the organization not only had to be a market leader, but it also had to be truly innovative, giving off a sense of excitement and energy about its work.

Blog: Communicating with brand values and culture

More than driving internal engagement about the significance of the company’s work, cultivating a strong culture communicates to clients and investors the organization’s values and behaviors to set one apart from the competition.