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Blog: San Francisco Bay Area Office Market Overview (Q1 2016)

Despite concerns with global market volatility, Bay Area office markets started 2016 on a solid basis. We’ve included a review of the Q1 highlights for each of the five Bay Area markets below which tracked in our recent Office Outlook report.

SlideShare: U.S. construction trends and outlook (Q1 2016)

The U.S. construction industry saw a strong start to 2016 despite global economic uncertainty.

Blog: Apartment buildings near BART stations could soar in value

Living close to – or within reasonable walking distance – of a BART station has become perhaps the crucial factor for Bay Area residents. More and more Bay Area companies report that employees are citing ease of commute as one of the primary factors when deciding on a job.

What's on the horizon for the U.S. Skyline?

Examine floor-by-floor data of over nearly 1,200 of the most high-performing buildings in 52 markets across the United States and Canada.