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Maximize the value of your San Francisco retail properties, regardless of size or scope of operations.

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Article: Taking the shopping experience to a whole new dimension

JLL's Real Views takes a look at technology-enhanced experiences that delight customers, igniting their sense of challenge and reward—and motivate them to buy.

Blog: “In line” shopping still beats online

Brick and mortar still drives national retail sales with 93% of purchases made in physical stores, and 7% online – it’s not exactly the end of retail as we know it.  Shoppers are still more likely to stand in line than shop online.

News: David Zoba joins JLL as Global Retail Leasing Board Chairman

He brings 30 years of experience to JLL, and spent the past six years as the Senior Vice President, Global Real Estate and Store Development at Gap Inc.

Featured research: Central SOMA

This plan is set to significantly expand the amount of potential development for residential, commercial and office development in this technology-driven submarket.