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Learn the best approach for achieving your data center goals across the Bay Area.

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Current market trends

The Bay Area will see less than 2.0 percent of available capacity in 2016, although new builds are on the horizon across the region to boost current supply numbers.

Featured research: Data Center Outlook 2015 (San Francisco/Silicon Valley)

Opportunities remain for providers looking to enter the Bay Area data center industry and capture market share as demand remains extremely high.

Featured research: North American Data Center 2015

As space continues to tighten and pricing firms, read the latest data center trends from 21 different North American markets.

Video: What to expect in 2016

Data center demand continues to outpace supply in many markets nationwide, including here in the Bay Area. See what markets are setting the pace for the industry as a whole.

Infographic: Owning your company's data center strategy

See the factors affecting supply, demand and rates—along with their implications on your data center strategy—in this easy-to-digest infographic.