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Corporate Solutions

Real estate is more than a cost to be managed—it's a valuable asset that can drive productivity.

We’ve developed a track record of helping corporations across greater San Diego improve the productivity, cost, efficiency and performance of their real estate portfolios.

How? By looking at the true cost of occupancy, rather than just the cost of space. This enables businesses to gather meaningful data about their total commercial real estate (CRE) spend, and save money through more strategic real estate planning and management.

In 2013, we asked industry insiders to address global CRE trends and whether C-suite demands towards 19 separate tactical and strategic tasks were increasing or decreasing.

With an increased focus on operating budgets and overall productivity, those same pressures remain in place today.

Our 2015 survey sampled nearly 500 respondents, who confirmed real estate teams are counted on to improve the following areas:

  • 72% workplace productivity
  • 61% asset productivity
  • 60% business productivity
  • 60% people productivity

Through getting to know your San Diego business, employees and environment, we can develop and implement creative corporate real estate solutions that deliver on these needs, and more.