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Technology Companies

We’ll develop and execute a real estate strategy for your San Diego technology company that will attract talent and reduce costs so you can focus on what’s most important—innovation.

San Diego has proven itself as one of America’s top tech markets for many years now, as the North American home to major tech companies like Sony Electronics and Qualcomm.

With demand remaining strong, local firms may find challenges in securing the space they desire. Additionally, local office rental rates and the cost of living remain high. 

However, a number of highly skilled workers will soon hit the market along with additional office space availability, giving firms looking to expand readily-available talent and real estate options.

Our San Diego-based JLL team is ready today to help your firm meet these difficult market conditions head-on—and succeed.

Here’s how we help tech companies reach their real estate goals:

  • Develop location strategies that meet your short-and long-term growth plans
  • Find new properties, and negotiate contracts and incentives on your behalf
  • Manage the design and build out of new locations
  • Make environmentally friendly property updates that attract talent and drive down costs
  • Manage your offices and facilities to achieve efficient, affordable operations