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Latest reports

  • Global Office Index, May 2017

    Annual rental growth for prime offices remains firm, rising to 2.5% in Q1 2017. Rental volatility is exceptionally low by historical standards, and aggregate rental growth is expected to maintain a steady pace through 2017.

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  • Global300 Toolkit

    This new interactive map-based toolkit covers 650 cities globally and enables you to compare cities on a number of key performance indicators. You can use a filtering tool to identify markets with similar profiles or find out where a particular city ranks compared to its peers.

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  • Future of Work

    The real estate landscape is changing—a traditional approach to strategy, decision making and operations is no longer sufficient. Learn more about the five dimensions of the Future of Work to propel your ambitions forward, decode the future and drive change.

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  • Investment Intensity Index 2017

    A considerable weight of capital continues to seek real estate exposure and as competition for product intensifies, new cities are appearing on the radar of international investors. In our latest Investment Intensity Index we reveal how New World Cities’ are reshaping the global investment landscape.

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  • Rental momentum moderating

    Annual rental growth on prime office assets across 110 major markets decelerated to 2.3% in Q4 2016, the slowest rate of full-year growth in three years. Global Office Index Q4 2016.

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  • Where are the world’s most dynamic cities?

    We assess a broad range of socio-economic and real estate factors to identify cities with the strongest momentum. JLL City Momentum Index combines 42 variables to evaluate short-term and longer-term momentum in 134 cities.

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  • Premium Office Rent Tracker 2016

    Where are the most expensive offices in the world? Explore premium occupancy costs across the globe and the strains that cities face as their real estate markets try to accommodate growth.

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  • JLL publishes Global Transparency Index 2016

    An essential guide for companies investing in or operating in foreign markets, the Index covers 109 markets globally. Find out where individual countries rank and what you can expect in markets with different levels of transparency.

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  • EU Referendum: Making sense of Brexit - 12th July update

    ​​The political and economic context in the UK is still changing rapidly following last month’s referendum, but there are now signs that the market is beginning to calm as stability begins to re-emerge. This latest in our series of regular Brexit updates re-evaluates the implications for the UK property market and its component sectors.

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  • EU Referendum: Making sense of Brexit – 5 days on

    The referendum results showed a majority of those voting in favour of leaving the European Union, although the next steps remain highly uncertain. Political and economic uncertainty is being reflected in currency and financial markets. Volatility will continue as a result.

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  • Global Premium Office Rent Tracker | Q1 2016

    The Premium Office Rent Tracker provides a snapshot of the rarefied world of the premium office market. While only a fraction of a city’s corporate base will pay such premium rents, the Tracker does benchmark office occupation costs on a like for like basis. It provides a useful barometer of relative city attraction, as well as highlighting the intense strains that many cities are now facing as their real estate markets try to accommodate growth.

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  • Fully Engaged

    The future of the workplace is changing – the way we work is evolving and organizations need to look for other strategies, tools or approaches to sustain and grow business. A focus on employee engagement has become a top business priority for senior executives.

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