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1) How long have you been in retail?
I have been in the retail sector for approximately 10 years.

2) What changes have you experienced in this time?
If we look at the SC management basis, the mentality and the way of using mathematics has changed. During these ten years we had two crises, one was related only with Turkey but the last one affected the whole world. Both of these crises added lots of experiences to our lives and mentalities and our future estimations and expectations have been changed.

3) What is the most exciting thing about working in retail at the moment?
Of course some success stories lived in these crises and progress in SC industry. Still being a part of this progress is very exciting and interesting for me. I feel very lucky as I am living through this period with JLL enabling us to access worldwide experience some of which is very new for us and other times we have contributed our own experience to JLL. Previously to establish a new strategy sometimes took years but now you need the power to arrange your strategies every second with changing world.

4) How do you think consumer demands/expectations are changing?
I believe, that after the 2005-2008 honeymoon years it is very obvious that consumer is going to prefer to spend less and to buy more meaning in order to have consumer’s money to supply good quality- low price will not be sufficient. You have to supply promotions, lotteries and most important thing is “importance”. Consumer must feel “important” and must feel to buy “important” things. It will need “a sprit” to demand consumer’s expectations.

5) What’s the most important issue facing retail over the next 10 years?
With the crisis the “definition” of Money changed. Money was “a value” to buy things but now “Money” is thing to buy “values.” Keeping in this mind we have to establish our approaches to the retail sector. Of course we may have some more crises during the next 10 years .Then we have to arrange ourselves to sell “values” not the things.