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How long have you been in retail?
11 years at Jones Lang LaSalle
What changes have you experienced in this time?
An increasing awareness from Landlords of retailers occupational strategy, a change in attitude among owners to treat retailers as partners and not simply a party from whom you receive a quarterly rent cheque. Space requirements from most retailers growing making some older, smaller shopping centre space obsolete. Investors changing their views from achieving performance from generic rental growth to managing and developing assets to control and drive performance.What is the most exciting thing about working in retail at the moment?
The current market presents many risks and opportunities, the sector is far more diverse and hands on than any other property sector. The unique circumstances with changing technologies (from both a consumer and supply line basis) offer many challenges which proactive owners can benefit from taking the right course of action How do you think consumer demands/expectations are changing?
The improvement in transport infrastructure, global travel and technology is giving consumers huge choice as to where they spend their money, capturing this spend is a big challenge for retailers and one which proactive real estate owners will need to be alive to in order to facilitate retailers demands in response to customers needs.What’s the most important issue facing retail over the next 10 years?
The necessity to improve the environmental sustainability of retailing, the shape of this is difficult to envisage, however it is likely that both retailers and landlords will bear the burden in responding to pressure through legislation and consumer demand.