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Jones Lang LaSalle promotes global colleagues to international directors

35 leaders promoted to firm’s top professional level in 2013

CHICAGO, June 26, 2013 – Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL) announced today that 35 colleagues across the world at Jones Lang LaSalle and LaSalle Investment Management have joined the firm’s top leadership group by being named International Directors.

These distinguished professionals are recognized for their exceptional work for clients, superior roles in generating growth, and consistent teamwork and collaboration.

Colin Dyer, Chief Executive Officer of Jones Lang LaSalle, commended these colleagues for their accomplishments, “Our new International Directors have already made major contributions to the success of our clients and the firm. As a group, we expect that they will continue to reflect and reinforce our firm’s global presence and industry leadership.”

The 2013 International Directors include:

Karen Brennan, Chicago
Mitchell Konsker, New York ​Luc Renaudin, Paris ​
​Tracey L. Byer, London ​George H. Ladyman, Jr., New York ​Gordon G. Repp, Chicago
​Ron Cariola, Philadelphia ​Bart Lammersen, Palo Alto ​Elisabeth T. Stheeman, London
​James Dolphin, London ​Scot Latimer, Chicago ​C. Allan Swaringen, Chicago
​Jan Eckert, Zürich ​Daniel J. Loughlin, New Jersey ​Mary Taylor, Chicago
​Lorena Fuertes Padruno, Mexico City ​Pierre Marin, Milan ​Nicolas Taylor, London
​Soma Mohanty Garg, Singapore ​Peter McWilliams, Los Angeles ​Claus Thomas, Munich
​Christoph Härle, Munich​Akihiko Mizuno, Japan ​Timo Tschammler, Frankfurt
​Martin Hinge, Singapore ​Martin Hinge, Singapore ​Bernard Tyler, London
​Christie Kelly, Chicago ​David Passaglia, Chicago ​Rita Wong, Hong Kong
​Jason Kern, Chicago ​Betsy Kearney Peck, Vienna, VA ​Stephen V. Zsigray, Jr., Chicago
​Lisa Kiell, New York​Wes Powell, San Francisco

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About Jones Lang LaSalle

Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE:JLL) is a professional services and investment management firm offering specialized real estate services to clients seeking increased value by owning, occupying and investing in real estate. With annual revenue of $3.9 billion, Jones Lang LaSalle operates in 70 countries from more than 1,000 locations worldwide. On behalf of its clients, the firm provides management and real estate outsourcing services to a property portfolio of 2.6 billion square feet and completed $63 billion in sales, acquisitions and finance transactions in 2012. Its investment management business, LaSalle Investment Management, has $47.7 billion of real estate assets under management. For further information, visit