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New York Metro High-tech

The right space to build your business

JLL represents a wide range of technology clients in the New York Metro market, from start-ups to early stage firms to mature global industry leaders.

Private start-up

Private start-ups are young, ambitious tech firms with smaller immediate space needs. They often develop a much larger requirement sooner than the traditional office user. These firms are dynamic ventures where rapid change or "pivoting" is a constant. If they quickly develop a catchy product and demanding clientele, the growth curve can be dramatic, and the management of this trajectory can mean the difference between success and failure.

Did you know?
Early stage firms are often required to sign a "good guy guarantee" which provides additional protection to the landlord and holds specified individuals in the firm to limited liability.

What's next?
You need flexible space that can accommodate your growth. Be mindful that the search and set-up time for your space will take at least several months.

Established Start-up

Established start-ups are often pre-IPO, privately-held thought leaders with third-party confidence in their product or service in the form of funding, seasoned advisors and a steady growth curve. Often in their second or third space, established start-ups are ready for a game-changing space move—one that reinforces the brand and provides ample room for growth.

Did you know?
Established start-ups cluster in submarkets such as Hudson Square, Chelsea, Gramercy and DUMBO, where century-old cast iron buildings and other non-traditional properties offer the floor plates, high ceilings, wood floors, large windows, outdoor terraces and roof decks that tech firms feel foster an open work environment.

What's next?
Real estate will be a growing cost item and your bottom line will be more closely scrutinized by your investors and/or shareholders.


Mature/established/IPO firms have emerged from a multitude of funding cycles, assumed a leading role in their tech sector(s), and built a well-connected, often global workforce that is vested in the firm's continued success through stock options and other forms of alternate compensation.

Did you know?
Hewlett-Packard, a 75-year old successful global technology firm, was founded in Dave Packard's garage with an initial investment of $538. Other notable tech leaders with similarly humble beginnings include Apple, Amazon and Google.

What's next?
You will need to carefully consider how lease terms and amortization of improvements affect your balance sheet. You will expand your constituents from customers, staff and financiers to include public shareholders.

Technology research



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