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Energy and Sustainability Services

Operate more efficiently and reduce real estate costs through sustainability consulting with JLL's New Jersey team.

​From green leases and incentives to eco-friendly workplace planning and alternative energy sources, our experienced corporate sustainability consultants will help you achieve sustainability goals and cost savings for your New Jersey properties.

We align our expertise to your business goals, and develop a corporate sustainability solution specific to your needs. After working with JLL, corporations reduce energy costs by 15-50 percent through a combination of technology, process engineering and more.

Real value. Delivered.

JLL's 1,380 LEED-accredited professionals work on 20,000 corporate sustainability projects each year in the following areas:

Energy services
Reduce your ongoing energy costs to enhance the value of your New Jersey real estate. Our corporate sustainability consulting services include portfolio energy and sustainability management, integrated energy retrofits, existing building commissioning, energy assessments and commodity procurement, ENERGY STAR, ENERGY STAR labeling and solar power solutions.

Corporate sustainability consulting
We will design your sustainability program, perform green lease negotiations, educate your employees on environmentally friendly practices, and provide green IT infrastructure services.