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JLL completes Lexus Eastern Area Office in Parsippany

JLL manages the construction of the 32,000 s.f. Lexus Eastern Area office for Toyota Motor Sales, which is expected to achieve LEED Platinum

JLL recently completed managing the construction of the Lexus Eastern Area Office in Parsippany, NJ, for Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. Inc (“TMS”). The team expects to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Commercial Interiors (“LEED CI”) Platinum certification for the 32,000-square-foot office and warehouse facility, which will serve as the Eastern Area office and training center for Lexus dealerships throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

JLL was retained by TMS in September 2012 to provide project management services for the construction of the office, and to spearhead efforts to achieve LEED CI certification. The company broke ground in early April 2013.

The JLL team overseeing the project management assignment was led by Jerry Sullivan, managing director, and Eric Brown, project coordinator. LEED certification coordination was led by Dana Schneider, senior vice president, and Jasmine Davis, project manager.

“Lexus, with its design team of Ware Malcomb, had the vision to transform this aging warehouse site into a highly functional and technologically advanced sales office,” said Sullivan. “Working with such support vendors as Snap-On, KEA, Langan and Hollister Construction, along with the push for excellence and performance by the client, the building was converted into a highly efficient and multi-functional office for the firm’s area managers and trainers.”

The Lexus Eastern Area Office is comprised of approximately 20,000 square feet of administrative and presentation space, and 10,000 square feet of high-end training space, with 16 high-tech training bays. In addition to its sales and distribution functionality, the facility allows TMS to train up to 16 different teams simultaneously with a great deal of flexibility. The state of the art facility was designed to maximize the efficiency of the associates – trainers can place cars right into the training rooms to demonstrate the latest Lexus diagnostic and service equipment and techniques.

The project team incorporated sustainable construction practices into the completion of the project, including:

  • Daylight sensors in office and warehouse space

  • Zoning controls, for more than 75 percent of the space

  • Efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning units that meet the high-performance efficiency requirements

  • 40 percent reduction in water usage

  • 20 percent reduction in energy usage

  • Construction materials were salvage and repurposed by Habitat for Humanity for future local area projects 

For more information, please contact Jerry Sullivan.