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Secure the premier real estate assets that keep your innovation going strong.

The Minneapolis-St. Paul metro has a unique mix of technological innovation across very diverse industries, including life sciences, retail, and food. As word spreads about the highly-productive tech economy, expect new companies to enter the market, potentially creating additional competition for market share.

We'll craft a real estate plan for your Minneapolis-area tech company that includes the following:

Location strategy | Tenant representation | Lease negotiation | Project and development services | Energy and sustainability services | Facility and property management

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Your resource for a tech-centric workspace

Learn how to navigate the many challenges across today's competitive tech real estate landscape.

Help your tech organization thrive

Create a workspace that makes your firm more creative and productive while giving employees the ability to work the way they want.

Prepare your workplace for the future

Technology is at work in almost every aspect of the office. How we work has been fundamentally reshaped by the first wave of the internet (its emergence and explosive growth), the second wave of the internet (applications and software we love and rely on) and now its third wave: The internet of everything.