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Workplace Strategy

Leverage innovative workplace strategies that increase employee productivity and reduce real estate costs.

Our workplace strategy professionals in the Milwaukee area help companies reduce occupancy costs and space requirements, increase employee satisfaction and retention, and create a culture ready to adapt to future business evolutions. How? With a validated, four-step process that has proven successful time and again. ​

  1. Strategy – We’ll work with you to align workplace initiatives with business objectives, creating a solid business case for change.
  2. Planning – We assess all components of the program—office design, policies, tools and technologies, and training—and develop a practical implementation roadmap to mitigate risk and ensure a smooth adoption.
  3. Implementation – We’ll bring everyone together—including IT, HR, real estate and executive teams—to make sure new approaches are merged with existing processes. We’ll also establish and benchmark key metrics to monitor program success moving forward.
  4. Management – We provide ongoing management and oversight, either onsite or off, to monitor performance, ensure goals are met and make strategic recommendations to improve the program as needed.

Real value. Delivered.

Corporate real estate professionals face growing expectations to enhance business performance outside of traditional real estate functions. In a survey of 700 CRE managers, CFOs and COOs, respondents confirmed that real estate teams are counted on to improve productivity in the following areas:

  • 72% workplace productivity
  • 61% people productivity
  • 57% business productivity
  • 47% asset productivity