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Leverage your entire portfolio's potential to reduce costs and boost productivity.

Quit thinking about your real estate as an inflexible, long-term expense. Integrated portfolio management uses data and analytics to squeeze value out of your portfolio in places you may not have even imagined it existed. Increase your speed-to-market, attract and retain the best talent, optimally position yourself for potential expansion and reduce costs all at the same time.

We advise your organization with:

Business intelligence | Consulting | Lease administration | Occupancy planning | Transaction management | Workplace strategy

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Video: Introducing Integrated Portfolio Services

Our Integrated Portfolio Services team combines transaction management, lease administration and consulting services to help our clients proactively identify strategic opportunities and deliver smarter transactions within their real estate portfolios.

What are the "great traits" of a corporate real estate organization?

Whether your ambition is to achieve Best-in-Class or Best-of-Breed greatness, you need to understand what constitutes all of the best practices for a CRE organization.

Separating myth from truth about demand forecasting

Demand forecasting in real estate can be difficult. It involves gathering input from multiple sources. Demystify demand forecasting by learning the reality about these four most common myths.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

We use data-driven, informed analytics to keep your business one step ahead with market rent predictions and the ability to identify possible location-specific opportunities.