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Los Angeles Office Outlook — Q2 2017

Tenant demand should continue to chip away at vacancy throughout the remainder of the year with the market in no way oversupplied with new ground-up development.


Weekly(ish) at-a-glance insights on the latest economic and real estate trends impacting the greater Los Angeles area.

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 Office reports



Los Angeles Office Insight - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8856/us-los-angeles-office-insight-q4-2017-jllLos Angeles Office Insight - Q4 2017A quarterly summary of local economic and real estate market conditions for individual metro areas in the United States. The report includes key market indicators, tenant and landlord perspectives, and future looking analysis.
Los Angeles Office Insight - Q3 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8608/us-los-angeles-office-insight-q3-2017-jllLos Angeles Office Insight - Q3 2017Over 1.9 million sqaure feet of new deliveries hit the Los Angeles market in Q3, including C3 in Culver City and the long anticipated Downtown Wilshare Grand. As rents rise, landlords are cutting back on concession packages throughout the Westside.
Los Angeles Office Insight - Q2 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8406/us-los-angeles-office-insight-q2-2017-jllLos Angeles Office Insight - Q2 2017As the price point in Playa Vista rises, tenants are turning their attention back to Santa Monica, the original epicenter of Silicon Beach.

 Industrial reports



Los Angeles Industrial Insight - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8906/us-los-angeles-industrial-insight-q4-2017-jllLos Angeles Industrial Insight - Q4 2017Summary and analysis of Los Angeles's economic and industrial real estate market conditions, as of Q4 2017.
Inland Empire Industrial Insight - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8811/us-inland-empire-industrial-insight-q4-2017-jllInland Empire Industrial Insight - Q4 2017Summary and analysis of Inland Empire's economic and industrial real estate market conditions, as of Q4 2017.
Southern California Big Box Reuse - 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8772/us-southern-california-big-box-reuse-jllSouthern California Big Box Reuse - 2017As vacancies among vacant big box spaces increase reusing and converting these former retail spaces into industrial, office, and multifamily space is a practice that has recently gained popularity.

 Additional reports



Los Angeles Law Firm Perspective - 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8679/us-los-angeles-law-firm-perspective-2017-jllLos Angeles Law Firm Perspective - 2017Despite lingering large blocks of availability in the CBD, rents are approaching market highs due to pricing control exerted by large ownership groups and the growing demand for other property types (residential, retail, hotel) downtown.
Los Angeles Data Center Outlook - H1 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8502/data-center-outlook-summer-2017-los-angelesLos Angeles Data Center Outlook - H1 2017Supply is still primarily controlled by CoreSite, Digital Realty, Rising Realty and Equinix. CoreSite has been the most active in the market at its 900 N. Alameda location, while One Wilshire remains well leased.