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Technology Companies

We’ll develop and execute a real estate strategy for your Las Vegas technology company that will attract talent and reduce costs so you can focus on what’s most important—innovation.

Las Vegas’ reputation as a vibrant 24-hour city makes it instantly attractive to the type of young talent that tech firms crave.

Its proximate location to the larger Los Angeles market and  walkable Las Vegas Strip also have mass appeal, although they haven’t helped increase access to venture capital, which can make expansion difficult.

Online retailer Zappos continues to anchor the market, with founder Tony Hsieh serving as the driving force behind much of the tech sector’s growth in Las Vegas.

Our Las Vegas-based JLL team is expert in the local tech real estate sector, and can help your firm find what it needs in this fast-changing market.

Here’s how we help Las Vegas tech companies reach their goals:

  • Develop location strategies that meet your short-and long-term growth plans
  • Find new properties, and negotiate contracts and incentives on your behalf
  • Manage the design and build out of new locations
  • Make environmentally friendly property updates that attract talent and drive down costs
  • Manage your offices and facilities to achieve efficient, affordable operations