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Find new tenants and maximize your Indianapolis real estate investments.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Drive tenant interest with a strategy crafted from our experience across multiple sectors, including healthcare, business services, high-tech, financial services, and law firms. Whether you're looking to enhance your building's value, stabilize your occupancy, reposition your asset for sale or source your next acquisition, you'll have the connections and capabilities you need to thrive.

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We provide a wide range of Agency Leasing services to Indianapolis real estate investors, including:

  • ​Property analysis and consensus building

  • Strategic positioning and competitive analysis

  • Financial modeling and market evaluation

  • Lease negotiation and tenant retention

Featured property: Angie’s List East Washington Street Campus

Consisting of 41 different parcels, the urban property can be utilized as a corporate campus, a multi-use multi-tenant campus or a redevelopment opportunity.

Spotlight: 2016 Skyline

Get a handle on local market dynamics with an up-to-date analysis of Indianapolis's Skyline to assist you in attracting tenants to limit vacancies.

Latest market research

See what's driving the office and industrial market across Indianapolis with quarterly reports straight from the desk of our locally based research team.

Key commercial real estate insight

Stay apprised of the latest news and trends that are shaping the Indianapolis commercial real estate landscape and get analysis to guide your real estate decision-making process.