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Your source for Indianapolis real estate trends and insights

Stay up to date on Indianapolis​ real estate trends in all property types. JLL researchers cover topics important to you and your real estate decisions, whether you’re seeking corporate, tenant or investor insight.

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JLL Skyline 2017

Rents are rising across the Indianapolis Skyline due to strong tenant demand and increased investment.


Weekly(ish) at-a-glance insights on the latest economic and real estate trends impacting the greater Indianapolis area.

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Latest research reports

 Office reports



Indianapolis Office Outlook - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8878/us-indianapolis-office-outlook-q4-2017-jllIndianapolis Office Outlook - Q4 2017Office Outlook is a comprehensive analysis of leasing, capital market and economic trends at the overall metro and submarket level.
Indianapolis Office Insight - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8853/us-indianapolis-office-insight-q4-2017-jllIndianapolis Office Insight - Q4 2017A quarterly summary of local economic and real estate market conditions for individual metro areas in the United States. The report includes key market indicators, tenant and landlord perspectives, and future looking analysis.
Indianapolis Office Outlook - Q3 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8575/us-indianapolis-office-outlook-q3-2017-jllIndianapolis Office Outlook - Q3 2017Class A office product continues to be in demand, accounting for nearly 200,000 square feet of net absorption year-to-date

 Industrial reports



Indianapolis Industrial Outlook - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8877/us-indianapolis-industrial-outlook-q4-2017-jllIndianapolis Industrial Outlook - Q4 2017The Local Industrial Outlook offers in-depth analysis of property fundamentals, indicators and market drivers in the major industrial markets in the United States.
Indianapolis Industrial Insight - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8812/us-indianapolis-industrial-insight-q4-2017-jllIndianapolis Industrial Insight - Q4 2017Summary and analysis of Indianapolis's economic and industrial real estate market conditions, as of Q4 2017.
Indianapolis Industrial Outlook - Q3 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8574/us-indianapolis-industrial-outlook-q3-2017-jllIndianapolis Industrial Outlook - Q3 2017With one quarter remaining, the market is within one million square feet of breaking the previous record for construction in a single year

 Additional reports



Indianapolis Retail Outlook - Q4 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8885/us-indianapolis-retail-outlook-q4-2017-jllIndianapolis Retail Outlook - Q4 2017Retail Outlook is a quarterly summary of economic and real estate market conditions for metro Indianapolis. The report includes key market indicators, tenant and landlord perspectives, and future looking analysis.
Indianapolis Law Firm Perspective - 2017/united-states/en-us/research/8669/us-indianapolis-law-firm-perspective-2017-jllIndianapolis Law Firm Perspective - 2017We explore conditions across Indianapolis submarkets, rental rates—including premiums for Trophy space and discounts for Class B space, and demand among professional and business services firms.