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Technology Companies

We’ll develop and execute a real estate strategy for your East Bay/Oakland technology company that will attract talent and reduce costs so you can focus on what’s most important—innovation.

​​​​​​​​Oakland offers current and prospective tech tenants a strong labor pool backed by a number of organizations in the market focused on tech-specific training.

Vacancy rates in Oakland are at historic lows, with the situation especially tight in the CBD. Other surrounding submarkets like Emeryville are seeing rates rise as start-up activity increases.

We see tenants having less flexibility with landlords in the market as demand increases, although VC funding market-wide is also on the rise.

Our JLL Oakland-based real estate experts are ready to help your firm find its right space in this ever-contracting market.

Here’s how we help area tech firms reach their real estate goals:

  • Develop location strategies that meet your short-and long-term growth plans
  • Find new properties, and negotiate contracts and incentives on your behalf
  • Manage the design and build out of new locations
  • Make environmentally friendly property updates that attract talent and drive down costs
  • Manage your offices and facilities to achieve efficient, affordable operations