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Data Centers

Customized data center real estate services and strategies help you determine and implement the best solution for your business objectives across Iowa.

Iowa’s quickly become one of the most desirable data center markets in the country. 

Through proper data center investment, companies who choose Iowa are now able to see at least a 50 percent reduction on initial costs through the state’s economic incentives based on equipment, infrastructure and electricity purchased. The overall commitment to renewable wind energy continues to be a major factor in enticing companies of all sizes to bring business here.

Whether you need infrastructure upgrades or a large-scale new data center development, we'll conceive of and execute a customized strategy for your facility. Our tailored solutions include: 

  • Site selection, due diligence and analysis: We’ll help you find the right market and facility location, and execute your final lease, purchase or sale.
  • Project management: We determine and implement the best strategies for development, upgrades and construction on your data center facilities.
  • Critical facilities management: We’ll find strategic opportunities to reduce your real estate and operating costs, such as tax abatements, utility savings and system reliability auditing.