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Benchmarking the Future World of Cities


Benchmarking the
Future World of Cities

What do 200 city indices tell us
about the urban world?

As we enter a new era of competition, every city has to work harder than ever before on its positioning and future vision in order to attract people, businesses and capital. As cities formulate and execute their urban strategies, they no longer have anywhere to hide: there are now over 200 indices that track city performance and assess global competitiveness.

What do these benchmarks reveal about the changing urban hierarchies and what are the implications for commercial real estate?

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1. The Business of Cities 2015

City indices are now devised and sponsored by nearly every kind of organisation operating in the urban field. While care must be taken in the interpretation of the results, these indices can provide real estate investors, developers and corporates with invaluable insights uncovering metrics and signals of change not captured by the traditional real estate and economic data sets. Download report


2. Globalisation and Competition:
The New World of Cities

Traditional global city hierarchies are breaking down and changing the geography of real estate. In this study, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of the 'Established World Cities', identify 'Emerging Cities' that are maturing fastest and, finally, examine the role of 'New World Cities' - smaller cities with distinct specialisms allowing them to compete successfully on the global stage despite their lack of scale. Download report


3. Benchmarking the Future World of Cities

In our third report, 'Benchmarking the Future World of Cities', we break city rankings down by categories and topics, and look at how city performance measurement will evolve in the future and how it can be used effectively to inform future urban and business strategies. Download report