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Business and Economic Incentives

Our process

Our Business and Economic Incentives (BEI) team specializes in identifying, negotiating, and securing financial solutions primarily consisting of tax credits, tax abatements, job grants, and other economic development incentives on behalf of our clients. By engaging local and state officials, the BEI team has a proven record of saving clients millions and even billions of dollars.

Step 1

Project assesment

  • Analyze and model project facts, projections, timing, and parameters
  • Understand client's tax and business fact pattern
  • Review of tax statutory environment and identify issues
  • Develop project strategy based on complete tax and business assesment
  • Create business driven presentation

Step 2

Analysis and modeling

  • State and local project introduction
  • Distribute Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Analyze state and local response
  • Model incentive offers
  • Identify project obstacles and solutions
  • Detail approval process

Step 3

Project negotiations

  • Highlight RFP deficiencies
  • Highlight project impact
  • Negotiate to impove or modify incentive package
  • Achieve approvals
  • Ensure flexibility / mitigate “clawbacks”
  • Create documentation solution that is achievable

Step 4


  • Prepare reports and applications
  • File for benefits
  • Track pertinent data
  • Monitor and ensure terms of compliance
  • Train client staff on implementation process for smooth transition