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Uncover savings for your Chicago properties through economic incentives and negotiations with local officials.

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Featured case study: Baker & McKenzie

Baker’s JLL team quickly positioned the law firm as an ideal tenant for the last block of space in the “last new development” available in Chicago at the time—a 237,000-square-foot office in the Blue Cross/Blue Shield building’s vertical expansion.

Whitepaper: Business Tax Credits & Incentives

Today, financial programs designed to encourage private investment and job growth are strong and applicable to many varieties of projects. Credits and Incentives may be secured at the federal, state, and local government jurisdictions and may involve tax and non-tax-related benefits.

Whitepaper: The complex world of municipal incentives

While incentives should never be the main driver in site selection, they can make a huge difference in the overall costs for a given project. Incentives typically are tax-oriented, and in some cases, when the investment is substantial, the state selected for a facility can completely change the company’s tax position.

Whitepaper: Process and proof points

Learn more about how we can help you uncover, negotiate and secure economic incentives for your lease renewal or relocation. This document outlines our process and a few quick client case studies.