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Supply Chain and Logistics

Leveraging Chicago's unique geography and accessibility, we'll help you develop the ultimate supply chain real estate strategy.

Our consultants combine supply chain strategy, Chicago market knowledge and real estate acumen to help you get products to your customers more efficiently and effectively. 

Chicago is the second-largest warehousing and distribution market in the nation. Its convenient location at the crossroads of America's railroads and interstate highways, with access waterways and two major airports, makes it an ideal location to consider for a hub in your supply chain.

We have experience in all aspects of supply chain management, including:

  • Network and inventory optimization
  • Workforce analysis
  • Site selection
  • Logistics outsourcing
  • Facility design
  • Transportation management
  • Supply chain visibility
  • Performance analysis

Real value. Delivered.

We save supply chain clients an average 5-15 percent in total operating costs.