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Suburban migration

JLL shows you the inside story on the migration of Chicago’s suburban tenant base to the downtown CBD.

Chicago’s downtown office market continues to show strong rental growth across a number of major submarkets.

Our JLL research team is tracking all the latest movements into the CBD, with much of the shift coming from the suburbs. You now have the chance to see real-time updates on the migration downtown by taking a dive deep into the information and analysis that only our experts can provide.

Each data visualization below gives you--the user--the unique opportunity to apply a variety of filters to specifically customize the data so you can learn how a number of factors uniquely impact your own real estate decisions.​

Disclaimer: This report has been prepared solely for information purposes and does not necessarily purport to be a complete analysis of the topics discussed, which are inherently unpredictable. It has been based on sources we believe to be reliable, but we have not independently verified all sources and do not guarantee the information is accurate or complete. Any views expressed in the report reflect our judgment at the date of publication but are subject to change without notice. No investment or business decisions should be made based solely on the information presented in this report.