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Case Study

Exceeded targets reduced 8.9 percent in energy and produced $560,000 in annual savings

Azia Center
Shanghai, China


  • Secure China's first LEED Existing Building (EB) Gold certification


  • Provide expert counsel from the outset, and input used to select a LEED consultant
  • Work closely with the LEED consultant, providing status reports and executing necessary modifications
  • Deploy sustainable improvements including:
    • Collecting rainwater for landscape irrigation
    • Creating a 550 square meter outdoor naturalized area for improved tenant satisfaction and building image
    • Upgrading to a high-efficiency indoor air filter
    • Meters on major building equipment, as well as water faucets/toilets, to monitor consumption


  • Exceeded targets with 8.9 percent energy reduction and $560,000 annual savings
  • Most capital expenditures paid for themselves within two months