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Case Study

Sun Microsystems

Expectations Exceeded

If the motto of the Facility Management Team at Jones Lang LaSalle is to climb every mountain, then Sun Microsystems challenged us to climb Mount Everest.

Sun operates in 31 countries and at more than 100 sites. Our job was to assume global management and delivery of all major service lines - with no disruption to those services - while implementing a globally co-ordinated AP system and consolidating 320 Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers into two. Yes, two. From the outset, Sun didn’t under-estimate the enormity of the challenge undertaken by us.

The secret of our success was quite simple: sound planning, team work, expert knowledge and total application and diligence. At Sun, these qualities were expressed in the judicious rationalisation of the headcount and the supplier base, the development of a capital planning capability, the creation of absolute visibility on financials, of clear financial authority, and - perhaps above all - of timely reaction to change.

The approach has resulted in the complete transitioning across the hundred plus sites – on time and on budget, the reduction of the 300 plus suppliers down to just the two, the transfer of key Sun and Service provider staff to Jones Lang LaSalle, and our assumption of Principal status in 12 countries and Agent status in a further eighteen.

We delivered the promise and we significantly exceeded Sun’s expectations. We climbed the mountain.