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Case Study

"Simple things" add up to $560,000 in annual energy savings

United States


  • Reduce energy costs and environmental impact at 16 distribution centers totaling almost 12.5 million square feet
  • Meet a company mandate to reduce energy consumption at the properties by 6.3 percent, saving $390,000 annually
  • Invest as little capital as possible in infrastructure improvements


  • Use our exclusive Portfolio Energy and Environmental Reporting System (PEERS) to measure consumption, create benchmarks and identify dozens of improvement opportunities and their costs
  • Develop a strategy to pursue no-/low-cost improvements including:
    • Decommissioning lighting in unnecessary areas, and retrofitting older lighting with more efficient designs
    • Retro-commissioning HVAC setback schedules, insulating high-occupancy office areas, improving seals on dock doors and installing variable frequency drives on make-up air units to improve heating/cooling efficiency
    • Resetting continuously-operating exhaust fans to run only when necessitated by temperature/humidity
    • Purchasing third-party electricity to lower cost and improve predictability
  • Conduct an “energy conservation blitz” including weekly facility manager conferences to share results, ideas and best practices


  • Exceeded targets with 8.9 percent energy reduction and $560,000 annual savings
  • Most capital expenditures paid for themselves within two months