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Case Study

Global partnership towards $1 million in savings over the first year

Procter & Gamble


  • Institutionalize sustainability over a 17 million square foot global portfolio including 164 facilities
  • Be as cost neutral as possible


  • Use a pilot location to analyze infrastructure and operational procedures
  • Develop a strategy for no-cost and quick-payback improvements through:
    • Equipment component enhancements and efficiency measures to reduce energy consumption
    • Engaging employees toward greener work behavior
  • Form site Sustainability Steering Teams of facility managers and environmentally-motivated employees
  • Develop a Project Sustainability Checklist and Sustainability Toolkit to help site teams maximize success of initiatives


  • $1 million in global savings was generated over the first year through facility improvements
  • A worldwide 24 percent energy decrease and 8.9 percent water reduction
  • Global workforce-generated waste has been reduced by 37 percent
  • Site initiatives have ranged from a workplace alkaline battery disposal bin to a campus-wide campaign that slashed paper use from 3 million to 1.5 million sheets per month
  • A North American suggestion contest yielded an idea to use reusable plastic crates, saving 50,000 cardboard boxes and over 850 employee productivity hours per year