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Case Study

Multi-pronged sustainability approach produces major savings (HSBC United States)

United States


  • Develop a multi-faceted, formal company-wide energy reduction program


  • Draw upon global experience and best practices to create a multi-pronged approach including:
    • Remote monitoring of HVAC and lighting at retail branch banks
    • Six Sigma data center energy improvement process
    • Quarterly cash awards program to facility manager showing largest percentage of energy reduction
    • Cost-neutral corporate and branch recycling featuring desk-side waste separation


  • In three years HSBC reduced electricity consumption at 18 U.S. corporate facilities by almost 19 percent, natural gas volume by 11 percent and water use by 26 percent, saving $4.5 million in operating costs
  • Retail banks program reduces electricity use by 15 percent and natural gas volume by 25 percent, and saves about $300,000 per year, with a three-year ROI
  • Six Sigma initiative reduced data center energy use by almost 3 percent for almost $325,000 in savings the first year
  • At a first-year cost of only $6,000, the facility manager awards program contributed to 12 percent energy reduction at corporate buildings, and 5 percent at retail banks
  • The recycling initiative diverted over 6,000 tons a year in waste that previously went to landfill, and HSBC now successfully recycles about 85 percent of its generated waste