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Limit risk and maximize overall service quality at your property.

​Our team partners with your existing real estate staff to form a strategic approach that optimizes your spend through a wide range of facility management services.

Across New England, we help businesses with: 

  • Critical environment management

Our experience includes a variety of critical facilities including data centers, networking systems, call centers, trading rooms, manufacturing plants, petrochemical and pharmaceutical facilities, medical treatment facilities and more.

  • Engineering services

We deliver employee comfort, safety and productivity; dramatically reduce operating costs; and ensuring that your organization complies with government codes and regulations.

  • Energy and sustainability services

Our comprehensive approach limits your energy usage to make your business more environmentally-friendly—improving your reputation at the same time.

  • Sourcing and supply chain support

Thanks to our strong local relationships and significant buying power, we secure you high-quality services at competitive prices from a large pool of potential suppliers.

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 Four steps to a smooth facilities staff transition:

Not quite sure how to go about outsourcing some or all of your company’s facilities management? Learn four steps you can take to get you started on the right path.