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Learn from three universities who are successfully leveraging P3’s.

​​​​​​​​​Curious how a public private partnership could help your university achieve its financial and development objectives? 

Please join us for a highly interactive event where you’ll walk away with best practices in selecting a development partner, creating the appropriate transaction structure and protecting university interests.

JLL’s Kevin Wayer will moderate a panel where university peers from across the country discuss how they are achieving their development objectives through public private partnerships. Panelists from Drexel University, the University of Massachusetts and the University of California, Merced – which is conducting one of the largest P3s in the country – will talk about what has worked, lessons learned and how to create successful partnerships.

After the panel, see Sasaki's highly innovative planning technology in action, which is helping universities uncover adjacencies and align university priorities with development plans.

All of this happens right at MIT. Learn more about the school's Center for Real Estate and get the opportunity to tour the campus after the program by registering now.

Attendance is limited to 100. Reserve your spot.

Want more information? Request an invitation to the event.


Our panelists: 

For our public sector attendees: JLL is an experienced government contractor and so is aware that many state and local governments have ethics codes with prohibitions against contractors giving or government employees receiving gifts or gratuities, to include meals. Many do not have an exceptions for gifts of nominal value, or large public events. To ensure JLL complies with those prohibitions, we are asking attendees who are government employees to pay for their own meal at this event, either personally or through their employer institutions. To ease calculations, we have asked the caterer to compute meal price as a prix fix. That amount is $30.

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How to plan and execute a successful P3

Leverage your college or university's real estate portfolio to generate income, elevate your brand and meet strategic objectives.